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I offer flexible music tuition, in-person and online, in the piano, flute, guitar and drum kit. I teach all ages and abilities, regardless of previous experience. I have lots of experience with neurodiverse students and make the lessons accessible and fun for all.

I offer a rounded musical education and make sure to provide tuition in music of interest, always tailoring lessons to the individual's needs and preferences.

Please feel free to contact me for more information!

I have been teaching privately for 3 years and I hold a BA Hons degree in Music, and I am more than happy to provide references upon request. I hold an extended DBS certificate, and Level 2 Educare in Musical Education.


Comments from students:


"Joe is an excellent piano teacher because he always teaches exciting things in piano books and he always helps us when we're stuck"

C, aged 7.


"Joe is a great piano teacher because he's very kind and he doesn't give up on us"

A, aged 7.


From a parent:


"It's not easy to find music teachers of the calibre of Joe, and as a family, we are very glad to have found him! He has been warm, patient, enthusiastic, and flexible with my children, who he has now taught for 18 months. Joe has the musical skills to be able to offer a broad musical education, exploring different instruments, singing, and musical theory, always in an interesting and age-appropriate way. He has always been reliable, well-prepared, and professional in all of his interactions, and is a very gifted musician and teacher. 

I commend him to you whole-heartedly."

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