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'Joe, and credit where credit is due, the music absolutely bangs. Genuinely makes the film.
Really pleased with it, thank you'
Oliver Gordon, Award-winning Director and Writer of 'flutterby'
'flutterby' by Oliver Gordon.
'A short film that follows a young man struggling to find his place in the world. As he tries to rid himself of his curse and integrate himself into society; he battles with the hatred of his own existence, loneliness and isolation.
This film begs the question: Is this character a bad person? You'll have to decide for yourself.'
Watch it here:
'flutterby' Credits:
Written and Directed by Oliver Gordon
Produced by Milly Dutton
Cinematography by Sonny Lieberman
Sound Recording by Tom McCrindle
Edited by Sophie Norman
Sound Design by Oliver Gordon
Original Score by Joe Halloran
Casting by Sophie Norman
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